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The Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) has a regional strategy and implementation plan 2016-2020 which aims to provide a strategic and integrated framework for regional cooperation in the IGAD priority areas of Intervention.  The four strategic outputs are policy development; knowledge and information sharing; capacity building, and research, science and technology.   The 2016-2020 IGAD regional strategy also encompasses Program areas that can strengthen regional mechanisms and systems for improving Health and social development in the region.

On the basis of the Overall IGAD regional Strategy, the Health and Social development division of IGAD along with the involvement of stakeholders and consultants has started to develop IGAD HIV, TB and Malaria strategy 2018-2025. The strategy will be ready for costing by mid December 2017. To cost the strategy, IGAD is looking for costing consultants from the region.   To accomplish the work within a short period and get quality product, IGAD will recruit two consultants who have experience of costing at least HIV, TB or Malaria program and complementarities among each other

Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) received grant from the Global Fund (GF) for the support of IGAD TB/HIV and Malaria under the Health and Social Development Division and intends to apply part of the proceeds for engagement of Individual Consultants for the preparation and development of costings for the IGAD HIV,TB and Malaria 2018-2025 strategy. 

Subject:  Short Term Consultancy for Development & Preparation of Costing for the IGAD HIV, TB and Malaria 2018-2015 Strategy.                                  

Closing date: December 26, 2017 at 16:00hrs Djibouti time

Country: Djibouti

City: Djibouti

Organisation: Intergovernmental Authority on Development

Career category: Health Economics, Public Health, Project Management, Economics or other Related Disciplines  

Job years of experience : 10+ Years

Job type: Individual Consultancy 

Project: IGAD-HIV, TB & Malaria

Type of contract: Short Term Individual Consultant

Position / Title: Costing Consultant

Duty station: Home Based

Consultancy Duration: 25 Days for each consultant

Accountable to: Health Team Jointly and by the Director for Social Development

Number of Consultants: Two (2) Consultants needed.

Deadline: December 26, 2017

Overall Purpose:

The short term consultancy will support IGAD to cost the seven year strategy: Costing for the IGAD HIV, TB and Malaria 2018-2015 Strategy.  More specifically,

  • Set unit costs and assumptions
  • Cost the strategy.

Scope of work.

The consultants will work closely with IGAD health team and the lead consultant who is providing support to IGAD in developing the seven years strategic plan. More specifically, the costing consultants will

  • Review and understand the strategic interventions and key activities under each Strategic objective of the draft strategy.
  • Break down the intervention and key activities in to a level that can be costed.
  • Collect information about unit costs used in costing HSDP, HIV, TB and Malaria strategy by member states of IGAD.
  • Build assumptions and set unit costs for the different interventions (activity based and target based costing) based on information collected and norms used globally or regionally in similar exercise.
  • Discuss with IGAD health team and lead consultant about the assumptions, unit costs and approaches of costing.
  • Do the annual costing of the operation plan and the overall costing of the strategy.
  • Narrate the costing section of the strategy including the summary by strategic objectives, strategic interventions and year. Incorporate all the inputs and feed backs given by IGAD and finalize the costing of the strategy including assumptions, working documents and annexed unit costs for the different interventions in acceptable quality to the beneficiary.

The preference is to get qualified costing consultants from the same country and who can meet frequently with the lead consultant.

Qualifications and core competencies

Post graduate degree in Health economics, Public Health,   project management, Economics,   or other related disciplines. 


  • At least ten years of professional experience, at least five years in the health sector of IGAD member states.
  • Proven experiences in preparation and costing of national health sector development plan, HIV, TB or malaria strategy in the IGAD region.
  • Experience of developing and budgeting annual health sector, HIV, TB or malaria strategy in IGAD member states.
  • Experience in costing Regional and national Global Fund HIV/TB/ malaria applications or concept notes.
  • Experiences of working with multi nationalities and disciplinary professionals.
  • Good knowledge and experience on activity based and tool based costing and overall costing methodology. 


Excellent knowledge of English with proven writing skills

How to Apply

Applicants should submit; an application letter- motivation letter and Financial Proposal and technical proposal (spelling out a methodology),

CV and education documents.

Interested, Competent Consultants should send their responses to the:

Ag. Director Administration and Finance;

Attn: Joshua Turinawe

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


CV TEMPLATE (Must be used to apply for the Consultancy)


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