Saturday, Mar 23, 2019

1. 01 December 2017, Djibouti: Clingendael Academy facilitated a workshop in Djibouti in support of the negotiation process between the administration of the state of Galmudug, part of the Federal State of Somalia, and Ahlul Sunna Wal Jamaa. The workshop was conducted by Clingendael and the Somalia Stability Fund under the auspices of IGAD and the Federal State of Somalia from 27th to 30th November 2017. The goal of the Workshop was to take the participants through negotiation best practices with practical references aimed at successful reconciliation.

2. The workshop was attended by the delegates from Galmudug Administration and Ahlul Sunna Wal Jamaa led by President Ahmed Duale Gelle and Sheikh Mohamed Ali Hassan (Shakir), the Leader of Ahlul Sunna WalJamaa respectively. The Federal Government of Somalia was represented by Hon. Abdullahi Farah Wehliye, State Minister for Interior, Federal Affairs and Reconciliation.

3. The leadership of Galmudug Administration and Ahlul Sunna WalJamaa provided the following feedback on the workshop:

  1. Thanked and welcomed the support of the Federal Government of Somalia for this workshop.
  2. Noted that the outstanding dispute between the Galmudug Administration and Ahlul Sunna WalJamaa continues to impact negatively on the state formation process and governance.
  3. Emphasised the need for a proactive engagement to address all the outstanding issues with the view of forming a unified government.
  4. Acknowledged that the workshop offered opportunities for the leadership and their delegates to interact, bond and build confidence.
  5. Noted with satisfaction that the workshop created a platform for exploring ways to arrive at a common understanding of the problem and its solution.
  6. Agreed in principle to negotiate and reach an inclusive settlement.
  7. Thanked the international partners including but not limited to the African Union, United Nations, Europe Union, IGAD Partners Forum, Gulf Cooperation Council, Norway, United Kingdom and United States for their support. 

4. Further, the leaders of Galmudug Administration and Ahlul Sunna Wal Jamaa called for building on the momentum created by the workshop and further called for:

  1. A mechanism for sustained dialogue for conflict prevention, management, resolution and peacebuilding.
  2. Immediate commencement and conclusion of the negotiations inside Somalia under the leadership of the Federal Government of Somalia supported by IGAD and the International partners.
  3. Humanitarian agencies to assist those in need of relief support.


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